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What Are Charity Honor Boxes?

Charity Honor Boxes are an easy way for anyone to enter the vending business with little capital and no understanding of the vending business. These boxes create a way for you to be able to provide an income for yourself, while also providing support to a charity of your choice. If you want to start a vending business the easy way, start with honor boxes, get your feet wet in this business, and work your way up to bigger machines as you get comfortable.

Customer Reviews


I LOVE these boxes, they are the easiest and fastest way to make some money at any age. And you're also raising money for a good cause to feed the hungry.
Azan Khan


We never had honor boxes before, but we are glad we bought some and are happy with the results so far!
Eli Hoff


Vending Business Solutions made it so simple for us to kick start our Honor Box Charity Vending Venture. Truly pleased with the design and the simplicity of building the box.
Valdez Vending

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